The new year has brought some new work on the community center and library. Denis and his crew have poured the foundation for the building! They mixed cement with gravel stones, sand, and water. They then stamped the cement down and smoothed it out. Eventually Denis would like to finish it with tile or other smooth flooring material.

Children celebrated Christmas by going to church. Children who sing in the choir dress up in pretty dresses and fine clothes. It rained a lot on Christmas which halted some of the Christmas activities.

A note from Denis: “I take this opportunity to extend my and our sincere gratitude first of all to you for your great struggles ensuring that we secure funds for the continued construction of the children centre and library building, secondly, we also extend our appreciation to all the well-wishers, benefactors who generously make donations and we continuously request them to show the same in the next phases of constructions. Happy New year 2020”

Next up: Denis has already paid for much of the timber for the roof and will be installing iron sheets as soon as we secure more funds. – DC