The Tororo region of Uganda has experienced torrential rainfall in the past few weeks. Before the rain began pouring down, work on the wall plate was completed. Now we’re waiting for more funding so that Denis and his crew can finish the roofing, including installing iron sheeting. Tragedy struck Denis’ village last week when heavy rain flooded a nearby river that borders Kenya. One of Denis’ neighbors was swept away in the flooded river with her son. Denis and his neighbors searched for days until they finally found the bodies. The woman’s 16-year-old daughter is now an orphan. The father died about 10 years ago. Keep this teen in your thoughts, and pray for her if you’re a praying person. When I last asked Denis about her, the community was still in shock over the deaths, so I’m not sure where the girl is going to live or with whom.

On a more positive note, over the past several weeks, we’ve received many donated books from the Amazon wish list – thank you! A colleague of ours – Judy – volunteered at a school in Guatemala a couple of years ago and purchased many beautiful titles to add to the library’s collection. We’ve recently added adult titles by African writers to the wish list, since the library will also serve adults. The wish list can be found at

By the way, if you subscribe to Disney’s streaming video service, check out the inspirational film “Queen of Katwe.” It’s based on a true story and is set in Kampala, Uganda. – DC