Uganda is a beautiful, lush, tropical country known for its mountain gorillas and safaris. The culture is rich with song, dance, and storytelling. The population size is exploding, with the median age at 15. Much work remains to be done to improve health, infrastructure, and educational systems. The literacy rate overall is 76%, but just 70% for women(1). Many children are forced to drop out of school because their families cannot afford tuition and fees.

abwanget village, tororo region

The rural village of Abwanget is situated in eastern Uganda. The new community library contains books for children, teens, and adults. The library serves as a hub for villagers of all ages who now have access to information through books and computers. The center also runs a small school.

our partner

We are partnering with the Centre for Children and Library Foundation, an NGO filling the educational and mental health needs of vulnerable children in the community. Denis, the director, is trained as a social worker and child counselor. He personally baked the bricks to begin construction on the center when he didn’t yet have the funds or a partner to help with the project. Read updates on the project here.