Photo by Denis Okiru

Roofwork has begun

The roofing work has started! Denis and his crew have been working on the beams to prepare for the iron sheeting which will go on the roof. This work would not have been possible without your donations. In fact, work on this center had stopped over the summer because of a lack of funds.

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve run across a few biographies at used book stores that will work well in this community library. As a librarian, I get excited when I see books that I know they can use in Uganda, so I’ve already started saving books for this project. If you’d like to donate books, please email me at – DC

Bricklaying at Abwanget village

Denis has been busy making bricks! When it’s not raining, Denis spends time forming and baking bricks, thousands of them. The bricklaying for the community center and library is almost complete. Roofing work will come next. Denis’s children are enjoying reading the books that I gave them over the summer. We’re excited about opening a library for this community! We’ve already begun purchasing books for this library and can’t wait for the children there to read them! – DC